The Coerver Box

by admin on April 16, 2010

There are lots of sessions similar to the one explained below on Coerver DVDs. For more sessions like this one I recommend the Coerver Make Your Move DVD set.

I first discovered a mention of the Coerver Box in one of the PDFs which came with my subscription to the World Class Coaching magazine. The PDF explains a pre-season program which is geared to coach the Dutch 4-3-3 system. Part of the technical component in training was to use the Coerver Box. If you don’t subscribe to the World Class Coaching magazine, I highly recommend it.

The Coerver Box

the coerver box

Even though I’ve recently discovered this session, it’s already one of my favorite Coerver drills. This can be done as a warm-up, or as part of a technical passing session, or if you are working on developing your players’ first touch. Two or more players on each cone (but no more than three). The player has to get to the inside cone nearest him in two touches or less, perform a change of direction move, then pass to the next person in line (and rejoin the line). There should only be a maximum of 3 players on each outside corner cone.

The coaches emphasis should be on the players taking a positive first touch in front of them, and really ‘selling’ the change of direction move. The Coerver change of direction moves can include:

  • Cruyff
  • Dragback
  • Inside Cut
  • Outside Cut

I like these four Coerver moves because they compromise of using different surfaces of the foot to control the ball with. Once your players are familiar with performing these moves with the stronger foot, they should do every other move with their weaker foot. To keep the players on their toes, the coach should shout “left foot!” or “right foot!” to instruct the players which foot to perform the moves with.

Coerver Box: Progression

coerver box progression

With the addition of four cones located centrally on the outside, this progression means there are a lot more Coerver moves involved. Players can go to the left or right (designated by the coach), perform a change of direction move when they get to the cone, two touches or less to the cone they started at, perform a change of direction move, two touches or less to the cone nearest them in the center, perform a change of direction move, then pass back to the next person in line (and rejoin the line).

With this drill the players will get a lot more touches and get used to performing change of direction moves in a closed space, essential for soccer players. The Coerver Box can be used with any age group, but with the younger ones the box should be smaller than it would for U17 or U16 players.

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collins September 15, 2011 at 3:31 am

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